Litigation Support:

Litigation can be costly. Litigation without proper preparation can be catastrophic.

With more than 10,000 closed cases in over 27 years, we have experience with all facets of civil and criminal litigation. Led by a team of uniquely qualified professionals, Colley combines the best investigative, research, and forensic methods available, while meeting the expectations of judges, juries, law enforcement, and the media.

We team with other uniquely skilled professionals, including computer forensics and digital evidence experts, skilled interviewers, forensic accountants, financial experts, former federal agents, and background and security specialists. We tailor our investigative approach—both domestically and internationally—to meet every client's needs.

We understand evidence collection methods and know what it takes to work with counsel to obtain favorable settlements or prevail in the courtroom.

Be it interviewing a hostile witness, exploring backgrounds, or mining data on an electronic device, we bring a sophisticated approach to each case.

Whether addressing allegations of employee misconduct, misappropriation of funds, trademark infringement, or due diligence inquiries, Colley has the ability to deliver prompt results in a discreet fashion.